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White Star Line


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Shit happens

A formerly free parking area for an area we frequently hike in has started to charge $5 for parking in the inner more convenient lots. It was a recent change and it woud have been nice for them to hand out warnings for the first week or so, but instead we got a $60 ticket.

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unciaa September 16th, 2004
How about HDTV versions of that scene? :)

I wish I had a HDTV

titanic September 17th, 2004
But alas, that is not in my future for awhile.

Words can't describe how much I love Blake & Victoria.

Re: I wish I had a HDTV

unciaa September 18th, 2004
Blake. Tiger tiger burning bright. :)

No HDTV here either [or the channel that runs the show, even], have to make due with encodes. Luckily they're very good quality.

mortonfox September 16th, 2004
That's horrible. Was the fee posted clearly on a sign somewhere? If not, then maybe you can complain about that and get the ticket canceled.

titanic September 17th, 2004
There was a sign. We missed it, shit happens. I paid it already.

calicougar September 16th, 2004
Which place was that?

martes September 16th, 2004
Towsley. They all of a sudden decided to start charging parking fees.


c_eagle September 17th, 2004
probably could fight it.. but who has the time? and they know it.. :|

c_eagle September 17th, 2004
kinda like, one time in l.a., I parked in a normally free-after-six-p.m. spot around 6:30.
they put up signs at 8p.m. saying that the area would be closed at 10.
10:30p.m. ...cars towed.

kliefox September 17th, 2004
Well, that sucks. A lot. Given that they didn't hand out any warnings, do you think you can contest that $60 ticket?


titanic September 17th, 2004
Not going to even try. Score one for the system.

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