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White Star Line


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(no subject)

There are four events upcoming that I would like to attend.

Janet Klein is playing at the Alex Theater. This is the show I've now missed twice, and have still never seen.

The Canyon Club has a Pink Floyd recreation band called "Which One's Pink".

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is playing local here in town.

The Feline Rescue Center has their last twilight tour coming up.

and ALL OF THESE are on September 18. No other days. Well, I can see why nobody wants to use the preceding Saturday for anything. I have a wedding to go to that day anyway - scheduled for that date specifically because nobody else wanted it and so the location was available.

I'm going to go see the kitties.

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furtech August 29th, 2004
If you think BBVD is good, try to catch one of "Royal Crown Review"'s shows. Terrific stuff.

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