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Spencer Davis Group

OK, it was a free concert, so it really cost nothing to go but about a dollar in gas.

Santa Clarita Central park is about 5 miles away. It isn't in Valencia, so I suppose the city of Santa Clarita includes Castaic and Saugus. It's out by the Castaic water district and halfway to where calicougar used to live, soon to be 2 moves back.

I suppose it's the closest place they could put in a park that large. And nice too, actually.

I listened to the Spencer Davis Group for about 15 minutes, all of which were spent walking into and out of the place. Whatever they were in the 60's, they aren't that now. What they were playing is what I call "Trucker Music", sort of a cross between rock and country. Still, it had the largest crowd of any outdoor concert I've yet been to. By the time I figured out where it was and got there, the parking lot was almost full. In addition, there were people already vulturing my spot when I left. Not my style of music though.

Next week should get me back in the swing of things though. The old Argyle club group is having an event on Tuesday night, two days later I'm going to see "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Ahmundsen (free ticket, can't pass that up) and two days after that martes and I are going to see the Alan Parsons Project. And then three days after that is Genesis at the Staples Center.

And through all of this I'm still working 60 hour weeks, so now I better go to bed.
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