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The sony MP40 CD player in my car makes the 15 hours a week I spend commuting tolerable.

It will play MP3 encoded disks. Every week there is a 2 hour radio show that I used to listen to but no longer can as it is on Tuesdays from Midnight to 2 AM. I do, however, record it, burn it to CD and play it in the car. My equipment can only record it at 32 so it's sort of fuzzy, but it's all 78's anyway.

Today the shows I was listening to (my commute is longer than 2 hours, so I hear more than a full show each day) were ones I recorded on February 15 and 22. The Argyle club show of February 16 got mentioned. This if you have been following along - was the first one I actually went to.

It closed at the end of May when the hotel got remodeled. There is nothing else like it and listening to them plug it on this old recorded show was depressing.

The MC from that does about one show a month at a different club called "The Forbidden City", but I refer to it as the "Chinese Dump". It has the same shows,but it isn't a 1929 art deco original. It is mostly constructed of cinder blocks, has a cheap chinese decor to it and has none of the ambiance of the old place.

I still miss "Maxwell's at the Argyle", I really enjoyed it.
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