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White Star Line


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Anybody need a tie?

I bought a big box of ties off of Ebay. In it I did indeed find some gems, and I now have a collection of 40 or so ties which will last me probably for the rest of my life, after which if I'm still wearing a tie, it will be the same one for a long time......

Anyway, the box was very large. And a real deal, considering I paid less than a dime apiece for these things, and some of them are never worn silk beauties. But now I have a lot of extras.

Like, 700 of them.

Anybody need a tie?

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ruggels August 18th, 2004
I can always use extra ties, and I almost know how to tie a bowtie


titanic August 19th, 2004
Need to be able to wear a different tie every day for two years? I can.

And dammit, I wear a uniform to work now.

unciaa August 19th, 2004
700?? That's quite a collection! :3

titanic August 19th, 2004
A lot of them were new, still on that little hanger ties come on, with price tags of $25 or so on them. I got my moneys worth just with the ones I picked out.

I never did ask how it was that someone just happened to have 700 ties.....

darrelx August 19th, 2004
Any polar bears on any of them? If so, I'll pay cash ;)

Quite possibly

titanic August 19th, 2004
I had a couple with wolves I picked out for furtech. One had a walrus on it. There were literally too many to look through, I just picked through the pile to get out the nice ones.

kurtoons August 19th, 2004
Y'know, I think I might be interested in a tie or two. My Wacky Brother Steeve likes wearing bow ties and they'd make a good gift for him.

What are you asking?

mistahbojangles August 19th, 2004
Wow. You don't do things halfway, do you?

Sounds like you've fodder for an old restaurant my family used to attend called "The Trail Dust" which forbid people from wearing ties on the premises and they rang a big bell when someone came in wearing one and they took scissors and cut it off. They had a huge collection of dead ties on the entrance wall. Neat place.

titanic September 13th, 2004
There's some place down in Garden Grove near the infamous "Skiltaire" that will cut your tie off and hang it on teh rafter if you wear it in there. I could go there every day for about 2 years.

That's a kick!

c_eagle August 21st, 2004
That's so many, you could go to an event with a dozen stuffed in your pockets, and appear non-chalantly with a new one on every 20 minutes or so, and see if people notice ;D

c_eagle August 21st, 2004
not to mention that your LJmight need to be renamed TieTanic..

titanic September 13th, 2004
I have a movie file I downloaded somewhere of the Titanic being attacked by the Empire. That's what they called it, as it happens.

c_eagle September 14th, 2004
I was thinking of taking a picture of my tie rack the other day, but then I realized that besides a few Warner and Disney ones, it's pretty plain.

Nice FOTP icons btw... :>

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