Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Back from the Jazz Fest.

With a couple more days of observation in, I have determined that all conventions pretty much are the same on some level. All the elements I'm used to seeing were there, just in different forms.

The people who go to every convention they can find were present. In this case they are retired people touring in an RV, I still don't know how the furry fan equivalent manages this. The scary hideous fans that everyone wants to avoid also existed.

As I previously stated, there was a dealers room, artists alley (one table of it in each of the rooms music was being played in), a costume parade, an ice cream social, VIP guests, con badges in 3 flavors of regular, sponsor and super sponsor, with corresponding increases in what you got for it.

Differences - no discussion panels. I would hve thought at least one room would have a panel about the history and evolution of the music or some such, but no, just music being played and that's it. Also, no room parties that I could ever detect, though my floor would have been perfect for it, since we had a clear view of the lobby, the next room down even had a balcony you could go out on that overlooked the lobby, and there was even a swimming pool on our floor. And before you say thse people were too old for that, consider that the main ballroom had to have the last band chased out at 1AM every morning because there were still 200+ people in there listening to the music and dancing.
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