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Comparing Conventions

Comparing a classic jazz festival to a furry con:

Volunteers hading out con badges, registration and check in are very similar.

Dealers rooms of stuff, though not of things created by the people selling them

Con events, just music instead of panels.

Artists are selling their own creations, in this case CD's instead of art.

Bigger conventions - this one is the size of Anthrocon, and it isn't the largest.

No "artists' Alley" - instead artists sell their CD's at the scheduled events. If you like the band you hear, you buy their CD's as you leave the room.

No costume show, though like a furry con some attendees do dress up a little for it, like a bow tie, colorful vest and the boater hat, but nothing beyond that.

Age. I did manage to find one other attendee younger than I am, but the other 2000 are older. I'm 47, by the way.

Lots of free and cheap food! But I saw not a single overweight person anywhere in the hotel. As far as food consumption goes, I'm guessing 1 furryfan = 12-15 old guys. So this is probably more economically viable, since I sincerely doubt these people are bunching up 6 or more to a hotel room.
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