Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Ebb & Flow

Well, apparently the great influx of Ebay goodies is over for me for awhile. Just as well, I was running out of room for it all. Still a few things on the way in to look forward to getting, but that's the last of it.

Beginning next week, the great outflow begins. All the stuff I have accumulated which I no longer need will be going back out through that auction process - including stuff I recently bought, (mainly clothing) that turned out not to fit. Luckily, most of it did.

There is one more concert that I will buy tickets for - to go see Alan Parsons on a different date from the one originally scheduled. There's a bunch of stuff to go see all the way out to February that's already paid for - but anything new at this point is either going to be free concerts or ones with a cover charge of $15 or less. All I can afford right now. Fortunately for my particular tastes there is a steady flow of stuff available like that.

Probably be presented with a bunch of stuff to buy tomorrow but I will try to show the same restraint that martes had at Comicon last month.
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