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Well, now.

I may be working too much overtime or some such, but I've made a couple of large scale screwups in buying tickets via the internet.

The first was our return flight from Anthrocon, scheduled to take place in the middle of the convention itself.

Now I've discovered that I have tickets to two different concerts - on the same night. I thought one was the end of July and the other the end of August - but both are August 31 as it turns out. At least in July the 31st was a Saturday, which made sense, if anything the AP concert being on a Tuesday seemed to be the odd date. Why are Phil Collins and Alan Parsons are both playing on a Tuesday? This is really irritating, more so as I bought these tickets over a month ago and so cannot change anything. Neither performance is on any other day to change it to, at least not at those same locations.

But all is not lost. First idea that came into my head was to see if I could sell one set of the tickets on Ebay. Turns out, I can, there is a thriving market for concert tickets, driven by speculators and scalpers. I might even make a profit out of it, but there is at least a good chance I can get most of the money back on whichever set I let go. I'm going to be getting rid of at least one set of tickets somehow. The decision now is:

1. Sell the Alan Parsons tickets and see them at the Canyon Club instead 3 days earlier on the 28th when they are playing there. It's a lot closer than Cerritos Center.

2. See Phil collins at Arrowhead Pond instead, again on a different day. As it happens, the Collins tickets I have suck, but would apparently be relatively easy to resell.

3. Sell them all and buy GOOD tickets to see Phil Collins off that same Ebay site. There are some good tickets for sale.

4. Be really generous and give one set away to a friend, but I don't know anyone who shares our musical tastes.

I got the night to think about it, and figure out what to do in the morning. At least I'll be home tomorrow to come up with something.
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