Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Last week was Roz's weekend on the town, next week is mine

Last weekend martes went to the san Diego Comicon. Next weekend it's my turn to go out on the town, and I will be at this event. It's a convention in a lot of the same sense as the ones I've been going to for years. Just discovered, in fact, that I could even do 12 hours of volunteer work for the con and get in free. Didn't do that this year but I may well do so in the future.

Today the Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra actually played local for free. What MMR is for the 20's & 30's these guys are for the 40's, or at least have been until now.

The apparent decline of interest in the music is breaking up this band later this month when the leader takes a teaching job on the other end of the country. You can sort of tell something is wrong when their website is still promoting events that took place last year...

Somethig else I discovered a little too late. I'm glad I at least found it at all.

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