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White Star Line


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A fun day

martes is off at Comicon. I'm at home since I could not get two consecutive weekends off of work (we were just at Anthrocon). My favorite band was playing a free concert. Couldn't miss that even though it was 50 miles away.

And finally you get not only pictures, but VIDEO this time! Well, 15 second clips with no sound as they were made with a regular digital camera, but at least you do get something.

It was an outdoor concert and I had not yet figured uot how to change the settings in the camera to adjust for the fact the second set was played after dusk, so most of the night pictures were too dark or too blurry.

I'd take a regular video camera to one of these events but converting regular 8 video to a computer file is too much of a bother.

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ruggels July 23rd, 2004
Sounds like you had a good time. Oh hey, and while I was hopping for shirts, I found a place "Men's Fashion Depot" near the SD Sports Arna that has vintage style Men's shoes, including the black and white ad black and cream dance club shoes. All nice manufacture, and all vintage styles including ankleboots with speed laces in Russet and black.


titanic July 23rd, 2004
As it happens, the shoes are the one part of the outfit that I have not had a lot of luck with. Apparently shoes from the 20's and 30's mostly got worn out during WW2 when new ones were not available. Not much is available now and used shoes, especially vintage ones, are a real hit & miss proposition when it coems to Ebay. I've given up, I'll need to get new ones.

Supposedly there is an LA store called "Shoe Monster" which is similar to what you found, but I have not tried to locate it yet.

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