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Jazz Age ball

This was part of a week long event that was supposed to be a package deal, but I was able to get myself in for this one day since I am at this point at least an acqauntance of the band leader.

It was on the Queen Mary, and consequently in a venue that by definition was the right period. I had just gotten in an actual 1930 black tie outfit and so wore that. I had worn a detatchable collar on the lst day of may to the Argyle club for it's closing event, but this was the first time I had tried to wear one on the actual bib front shirt (last time I had a modern shirt which ahd simply been altered to take a celluloid collar). I couldn't get the stud through all of the holes and broke it. Great.

Into "McGuyver" mode (whatever happened to that show?) I searched the car and found a shoelace. I ran it through all of the holes the stud would have gone through and had something that worked. Not only that, but I also now have a solution to the vintage stuff I bought on Ebay that is too small in the neck, I can just use this method to close it as much as possible and just let the tie disguise the rest.

ballroom on the Queen Mary is still beautiful after all these years, and the room accoustics seemedas though they were designed for this kind of band to play without amplification, whcih it probably was. Sound was perfect. I did remember to bring the digital camera this time - but not the battery, which I left at home in the charger, so again, no pictures.

Most people who like to dress up and do vintage dance are Women, and being an unaccompanied male has led to the same problem over and over. I don't dance,a nd I had to keep explaining that to women who though I was just putting them off time and time again.

Finally around 11PM one of them managed to get me to go out on the deck and showed me a few steps, and then managed to drag me back inside for the last dance of the evening. So, now I dance.

I also got invited to some million dollar 1927 era house in Fullerton that even had it's own wooden dance floor of it's own in it. Made a couple of wrong turns getting ther eas there are apparently sevral streets in the area all named "valley View"...

So now I know several 1920's era dances - now that there is no regularly scheduled place to need to know that information. And I'll probably forget what I do know before I get a chance to use what Ilearned. Still, it was a lot of fun, and certainly different to be in a group where a Bachelor's degree made me the lease educated person there.
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