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Return to the Ahmanson Theater

Going to see this tomorrow. It's only 12 miles from work so I see no real reason to drive 70 miles to get home and then go back down a couple of hours later.

Besides, I can work 2 hours of overtime after my regular shift and work off most of the cost of the ticket, and feel less guilty about going. Then get a reasonably good dinner somewhere off the airport, and still get there way ahead of time even with traffic conditions.

While I would prefer to dress a bit better for an actual theater show, fact is I can throw a blue blazer on over my work uniform and actually wind up with something presentable for mid-range formality, especially with a group that "doesn't know me and will never see me again" as they say. White shirt & tie, plain blue pants and black shoes. Throw a sport coat over it to cover up all the insignia and there you are. May as well take advantage of it. It's too bad it worked out like this just the same though - I could have actually gone in a complete period outfit given the chance.

Would have taken martes to it but there were no good seats left on any night. I had to really fish around to find a night with a single good remaining seat.

Haven't been back to this place in years - not since they had Titanic. Another retro show for me.
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