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Monday night at Home

I should be in West Hollywood right now listening to John Reynolds & his Hollywood Hotshots (I'd give you a link but they don't have a web page anywhere).

Only reason I'm not there is - they aren't there.

The June schedule for the Argyle appeared briefly on the website before the renovations caused the club to close at the end of May. Unfortunately, I DO know what I'm missing.

The Chronicles of Riddick was a disappointment. Most of the action scenes were motion blurred and consequently dull to watch. It did have a sort of art deco look to it that was nice though. I have this on Thursday, that should be fun.

Good thing I have Saturdays off now - I'm sort of committed to going to a wedding on the 19th, and on the 26th is the annual Fur-B-Que that's always fun. And of course Anthrocon is getting ever closer.

I'll miss my usual Monday night activities for awhile though. That place was a LOT of fun. But, gone is gone...
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