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Viva Las Vegas

One of the advantages of my current working schedule is it let us go to Vegas on a Wednesday night and return on a Friday. Anyone who can do this, should.

Monday & Tuesday are the "weekend" for most of the performers in Vegas,a nd a lot of the shows are closed. But on Wednesday & Thursday, not only are all of them open, but you still get the deeply discounted mid week prices, and virtually no lines anywhere. Our hotel room was $20 a night, and it was a nice room. Definitely the time to go. Picked up a couple of flyers for PAFCON and we may go back for that.

The biggest win of the trip was a $31 jackpot that didn't even involve gambling. My one sit at a regular blackjack table resulted in me getting dealt a 15, so naturally I lost the entire $3 bet.

Most of the trip is covered in martes journal. I don't find myself writing as much as I used to.
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