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No Luck

It's now well after dark, and Ashley has not turned up. She was let out at 5AM, well before dawn, and apparently went over the back wall and vanished.

If we are very lucky, something spooked her and she ran far enough away that she got lost. I don't consider that likely. Despite the fact I have spent the entire day looking for her with no evidence of any sort found, I think she is dead.

There are only a few places where she could get back over the wall, and it took her a few seconds to get ready. If there was a Coyote on the other side of the wall when she went over she would not have had time to do that, or run away. She was supposed to have been kept in until after dawn, but was instead let out right when the Coyotes are most active.

Roz is crushed, she knows what she did. I can't fix it now. I'll be going out again in a few minutes with Lex to have another look but I do not expect results, this is merely a gesture.

We won't get another cat until after Charlie is gone. He didn't adapt well to a new kitten and he's older and weaker now, I won't disturb his golden years any further. Besides, I've lost two cats in one year, I can't take any more of this.
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