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Well, that's it, it's over

Last night was the last ever "Maxwell's at the Argyle" There's sort of a going away party for it all tonight at a different place, but it's hardly the same experience.

Maxwell DeMille (real name Stanley Sheff) made what I consider a significant blunder by announcing at the start of the evening that he wasn't looking for a new location and was just going to stop. I would have waited until tomorrow to do that if I had been him, it sort of put a damper on the whole night.

The Terrace Room, while still on 20's decoration, is actually a bad place to try and have this event, even if the new hotel owner would have let it all go on. The room was sold out for dinner again, and a lot of people were just standing around packed together with no place to sit.

In contrast, I had actually gone in full white tie 20's garb that night, and got an absolutely primo place to sit as a result. Some other non-dancing fan of 20's music had gotten there way early and staked out one of the smaller tables all to himself, and was getting a lot of glares for taking up the space. So they put me at the same table, he was glad for the company, I got the best viewing spot possible (as well as a chance to actually eat) and various photographers were happy to have me sitting there. So that worked out. I did have people pushing by me all night trying to get to various places but that was a "high traffic area", as they say.

I would have had pictures, but I did something to my digital camera that write-protected the memory card, something I had not seen happen before, and I didn't have the time to figure out what I did or correct it (I have since figured out how to format the card, correcting the problem). So no pictures of either the event or me in the Fred Astaire / Magician / Dracula outfit. Sorry, I don;t think I'm going to the trouble of putting all of that back on again just to get a couple of photos.

This was the first time I have worn a shirt with a detaching collar, and I sure know why they went out of style. A pain in the ass to just get in in the first place, the size match has to be perfect or they don't stay there. A half size too small and they choke you, and a half size too large and they keep popping off. I had been informed that such things should be 1 1/2 sizes larger than your regular shirt size but that turned out to be bad advice, at least in my case. I need 16.5's it seems. It was also like wearing a piece of 35mm film around my neck all night but hey, it looked good.

I had a good view, the music was as good as I had remembered it, but instead of the thrill of a new discovery, it had the gloom of it being the last night, so it wasn't quite the experience.

So what's on the horizon now? No regularly scheduled night out every week. That's gone. But we have other things planned. I'm using one of the three day weekends I now have at work to go to las Vegas with martes. I found myself some other things to do for the rest of June. July has both Anthrocon, Comicon and the Phil Collins concert on the lst day of the month, so I'll be kept busy that month as well.

August has a multi-day event that lets me soak up 20's music for 4 days in a row. It's down by Disneyland, one of those events that costs $45 to get in to bu the hotel is planning to make $500 off you for the hotel room. Van time! And the Allan Parsons concert is that the end of that month.

September has another such event, but this time is conveniently about a mile from work in a hotel I get a big discount for since I work at LAX, so I don't have to take any time off work for it, and even get out of the commute for a couple of days. And at the end of that month is Conifur - a convention that isn't particularly remarkable by any means, but last year I ahd a wonderful time going there and coming back, and socializing with friends in the area. Nice trip even if the convention wasn't there.

In October and November there is only a single day event on the calendar. I'm going to Catalina Island on the 23rd for another envet, but the event is only 4 hours long, and Roz & I can enjoy a weekend on Catalina for the rest of it. December 4 there is a one day 1915 event that basically involves drinking Tea and learning yet another historical dance I don't yet know how to do.

January has the all important Further Confusion. And that's about as far ahead as I plan.
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