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USO Night

Last night was the second to the last show for Maxwell's at the Argyle. The great room we used to be in has been destroyed. There is really no other way to put it - it's still physically there, but the new owner wants the "Miami Vice" look to it. Not suitable for us.

The Johnathan Stout orchestra did a very good job, proving beyond any doubt that Johnny Crawford's band is simply bad, which is very unfortunate as they still had a venue. The good bands used to play at the Argyle, and after next week that is gone.

The Terrace Room, an as yet unmodified part of the original hotel, wasn't all that suitable, and even if we were going to be staying here it would have been a seriously degraded experience. The room is shaped like the letter L and the band is located in the bend, You cannot see the other half of the audience. You CAN, however, go outside and actually get very close to the back of the band, close enough to look through the window and read their sheet music. That was interesting. I did that a lot as I was asked 5 times yet again to dance with various women and got tired of having to explain that I was not, in fact, part of the show.

The tables were all full and there was no place for someone by themselves to sit and eat, so I got no food. In fact, there was noplace to sit at all, so I had to stand up the whole time. Next week won't be any better, you can count on that. I better get there early or I may not even get in at all.

One big unexpected plus was I got to meet Walter Nelson who is probably the king of all re-enactors who don't shoot at each other (though he has done that as well). Got a lot of good information from him on various subjects I was unable to successfully do research on. There are also pictures of me dressed up for this but look for those later on.
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