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90% of all male reenactors dress up in uniforms, go out to some public forest and fire blanks at each other all weekend. It's pretty much an all male activity.

Women prefer venues that focus on culture and less destructive social interaction. Retro nightclubs fit the latter category. The female to male ratio is about 2:1.

Previously I had been as inconspicuous as possible, but the last couple of nights I actually went formal. And last night I tried to get close to the live act as it was someone I really liked.

Big mistake.

If you are male, well dressed, alone, and CANNOT DANCE, it is not a good idea to hang out near the dance floor at a swing dance nightclub even if you do like the music.

I had four different women try to drag me onto the dance floor and none of them believed me when I said I didn't know how. It started getting uncomfortable and for the first time ever I left before the band had finished.
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