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I'm starting to have serious doubts about the people running this station. Since I've been listening, ALL of the programming changes have been bad. Three of the four shows I used to listen to have been canceled and the last one was moved to a mid week midnight time slot.

Wednesday morning Hot Aire didn't come on at all, instead the BBC came on a couple of hours early. No explanation given. At the rate they are going, they might even have canceled it, or Joe Monte may have decided he didn't want to do a radio show on at 2 AM in the middle of the week when almost nobody will be listening. It may even have been canceled, or he may have just quit, their site is so badly maintained it may be weeks before they change the listing.

Take a look at that link to see how badly maintained their web site is. Middle of the first paragraph the show is listed as being on 1 to 3 PM, that is TWO programming changes back,and 5 month old information.

He moved the show from KPCC to get out of the midnight time slot and KCSN moved him right back into it anyway. Fuckers.
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