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Two weeks ago the "Cotton Club" act at Platinum live was so popular that they announced it would recur every two weeks from then on. Ther was a show listed as being on the 30th on the Platinum Live Website as late as last night.

I didn't clue in to the fact that Johnny Crawfords own website made no mention of it, nor the fact that I'm on three different announce lists that would have been plugging the show if it was actually on this evening. So I didn't go in to do an additional overtime work day today, and instead slept in. Extra sleep is always a good thing in my case, so at least I did get that out of it.

Did some final checking and tonight is now listed as something called "NOSTALGIA - SASHA". At least I checked before I left and got there all dressed up to discover there was no show on. So I'm taking "lj user="martes" out to Red Lobster instead, something we both can enjoy.

There's another Maxwell's at the Argyle show in a couple of days anyway, so it's not like I'm going to go through withdrawal symptoms or anything.
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