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4yvt828 passed the big 200 on the way home from work yesterday as I passed the Getty Center. Some time back I predicted the end of April as when this would happen. I can guess mileage and times pretty well.

It needs to go into the shop again,though,a s the Air Conditioner isn't working. Not a problem going into work, or even coming home except on Wednesdays, so it will wait for the next routine visit.

The heat did decide for me what I was going to be wearing last night, so I went in the "James Bond" white dinner jacket. Nice and cool, it was a good choice. It was my first time back in almost a full month due to various previously discussed issues.

It was announced the that LA Conservancy is starting its summer program on June 2nd, And in a nice surprise, they will be on Wednesday nights. I'll probably just stay in town on those days, as I don't really need to dress up for those, I can just throw a coat on over my work clothes and it works. It would also give me about 4 hours between work and showtime to look around LA to find that store in the garment district that sells the shoes.
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