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Multiple social engagements

Yesterday was an interesting, busy day. I had to be in two places at the same time, and they happened to be 30 miles apart. The first event was a 'Celebration of Life" for one of the few remaining people who were an actual part of the 20's-30's music era. As it happens this was almost all the way down to where I work, and I got stuck in traffic and arrived late. I didn';t expect Saturday afternoon traffice to griodn to a total halt, but it did, several times. and then had to leave after a couple of hours to get back up to Northridge, but I made an appearance and fulfilled a social obligation.

I then went on to Darrel Exline's wedding and timed it just about right, arriving after the actual ceremony was over but while they were still serving cake & punch. Any earlier and I would have been sitting there in direct sunlight in a black wool suit, whcih would not have worked very well. The AC is out in my car and I was overheated already anyway.

I had debated saying I was either doing an "MIB" impersonation or that I was one of the Blues Brothers, but instead I just leveled with everyone and told them why I was late. Again, the fact I showed up was the important thing. Fans are late to everything anyway.

I made an interesting discovery talking to one of mistabojangles friends who happened to be there (though Brian wasn't). It seems S.C. is just as much into the 20's and 30's stuff as I am, and we share a lot more common interests than I had previously thought. Conversation started when I noticed he was wearing the exact style of shoes I'd been looking for for about a month but never able to find.

I now have to find a store in the LA garmet district called "Shoe Monster".....
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