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I had more car problems today.

This makes three Argyle shows in a row that I have missed, the first due to work not giving me a response on my leave request, and then TWO times due to the car battery being dead.

But that's the last show I want to miss. Now starts a block of 6 good shows in a row, culminating with a Roaring 20's night, and I definitely don't want to miss any of them.

I'm not anywhere near as miffed about missing tonight though, this was a 40's swing band and not really my style anyway. I also need to sleep in as I'm spending tomorrow in a classroom and not on my feet all day like usual, and lack of sleep is a lot harder to fight off. I'm up late anyway, as it happens, as Roz is two hours overdue coming back from Riverside where she went on a trip with friends, probably soon to be covered in her own journal.
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