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It was a bad night all around I suppose

I got this email message today from the guy who runs the Maxwells at the Argyle club. Usually there is a bright cheery message about how well the previous nights event went, but instead today I go this:

The new owner of the historic Argyle Hotel has begun to make changes at this
art deco landmark: Colorful shirts worn by the staff, the beautiful
in the lobby has been removed, new umbrellas out by the pool
patio, but the biggest and *best* change to date is the new dinner menu!
Many new and lower priced items are now available.

The new menu sounds like fast food. The "renovations", originally scheduled for April 1, had been postponed to June, but it seems apparent that the owner had second thoughts and without warning began making the changes last week.

What's been done so far makes it apparent the changes will be far reaching and probably destroy the atmosphere of the place completely.

If I *had* made it there last night - apparently it would still have sucked. I don't feel any better about it though. This is going to affect a lot more than one night
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