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White Star Line


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Big Ebay day

This was a good day to be here - about half my active Ebay auctions going on BOTH directions closed today, got a bunch of stuff in including the long anticipated and long awaited stuff for 20's night. I'll have to get pictures since I've never been in "white tie" before. I now have about 90% of what I need and I'm just getting bits & pieces here to complete stuff at this point.

It wasn't just "Christmas" for me either as martes big box of Choco Eggs came today as well. And I can eat them without worry, since I now weigh less than I did when I was in the Army. I got on a baggage scale yesterday and I was down to 186. All those heavy mexican duffle bags and the lack of access to a microwave and refrigerator are having their effect.

It woud be really bizarre if I now fit all the clothes I gave to Goodwill - and the stuff I just bought started fitting loose. Better chow down on that chocko egg debris and fix that.

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dannycat April 8th, 2004
Curious... you ever been to this site before?

Cool old 1920s - 1939 vintage music and radio shows. :)

titanic April 9th, 2004
Grat stuff, thanks! I wonder why I never found that with a search - it's been there for like 6 years!

dittany April 10th, 2004
I don't know you, but I found you when I was searching for ''Titanic'', anyhow, I noticed you have "music" in your journal, as soon as I open your page there's music playing. Just wonderin, how did you do it? To get the music? It's cool btw, nice!

titanic April 12th, 2004
It's not particularly difficult, but it is only available to paid users. It's part of the custom style system. You just put in the same line of code you would use to put a background sound on a regular web page.

dittany April 12th, 2004
Oh ok, paid users. Oh well, then it's nothing for me, sigh. Ohh I so want a paid LJ! Yeah well, at least I can dream.

Neat LJ!

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