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Big Ebay day

This was a good day to be here - about half my active Ebay auctions going on BOTH directions closed today, got a bunch of stuff in including the long anticipated and long awaited stuff for 20's night. I'll have to get pictures since I've never been in "white tie" before. I now have about 90% of what I need and I'm just getting bits & pieces here to complete stuff at this point.

It wasn't just "Christmas" for me either as martes big box of Choco Eggs came today as well. And I can eat them without worry, since I now weigh less than I did when I was in the Army. I got on a baggage scale yesterday and I was down to 186. All those heavy mexican duffle bags and the lack of access to a microwave and refrigerator are having their effect.

It woud be really bizarre if I now fit all the clothes I gave to Goodwill - and the stuff I just bought started fitting loose. Better chow down on that chocko egg debris and fix that.
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