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White Star Line


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Leonard Reed 1907-2004

He was at the Argyle on March 29th, and I at least got to meet him. Apparently he was also there for the Two years anniversary party last night - which I missed. He then went home and Died in his sleep. this memorial page went up sometime today.

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ruggels April 6th, 2004
The party at the Pig & Whistle?

Wow, that's cool, but sad though. he looked a lot better at 90 plus than a lot of folks do at 80. Moving around, showing folks the dance step, and still singing. How was his voice?


titanic April 7th, 2004
Actually the Pig N' Whistle thing is just a regular restaurant with live entertainment. People walk in off Hollywood Blvd and just have dinner. No cover charge at all before 10 PM, as they figure before that you will either be eating or drinking something.

The Argyle is an actual nightclub with a cover charge. 60% of the people there are in period dress, and about 35% are in modern formal clothes, black tie or suits for people who don't own their own. Since guests of the hotel still have to be alowed to use the restaurant, about 1 in 20 are people in regular street clothes just having dinner and are really confused.

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