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The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

Years before I knew about live entertainment playing old music (A development of the last couple of months, actually) I listened to CD's of this group almost constantly. A search a few years ago for any presence on the internet turned up nothing and I had come to the conclusion that they had broken up or disbanded in the early 90's sometime.

On a whim I just looked for them now and by god they are not only still around but a strong going concern, and they even have new CD's out that I didn't know about.

Unfortunately they are on the East Coast and never seem to come out here, though they did play Iceland for some reason. Karno can go see them and I can't???

Anyway, tomorrow night I'm off to see the 20's Speakeasy on it's opening night, and if I can keep myself going after another brutal 11 hour workday I'll try and make the 2 Year anniversary party of the original club, and then probably sleep in to noon on Tuesday.

And I just remembered I'm going to be shorted an hour of sleep tonight, so I'm off to bed.
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