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As it happens the leader of the "Crawford hot Club Quintet" was one of the original 1954 Mousketeers. But nobody made a joke about that the entire evening.

I passed on getting a picture taken this time as I wasn't wearing anything particularly distinctive, just a plain black suit that actually came in the mail through Ebay that same day ($13 with shipping)

Found out why nobody was ever talking to me. It's a small club, and it everybody there noticed.

1. Nobody knew me
2. The bartender had actually gotten out of me that I work for DHS.
3. I never danced
4. I sat in the back at the bar all night, but never drank alcohol.

Conclusion: I'm carrying a gun, and I'm there on some sort of official business.

And who came up and asked? "Bowser" from Sha-Na-Na. He happened to be there that night.
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