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White Star Line


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As it happens the leader of the "Crawford hot Club Quintet" was one of the original 1954 Mousketeers. But nobody made a joke about that the entire evening.

I passed on getting a picture taken this time as I wasn't wearing anything particularly distinctive, just a plain black suit that actually came in the mail through Ebay that same day ($13 with shipping)

Found out why nobody was ever talking to me. It's a small club, and it everybody there noticed.

1. Nobody knew me
2. The bartender had actually gotten out of me that I work for DHS.
3. I never danced
4. I sat in the back at the bar all night, but never drank alcohol.

Conclusion: I'm carrying a gun, and I'm there on some sort of official business.

And who came up and asked? "Bowser" from Sha-Na-Na. He happened to be there that night.

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yippee March 23rd, 2004
Bowser asked if you were packin' heat? Whoah. Definitely a blog moment.

I think it's cool you still go, but a bummer that you end up going alone. I am kind of shy in new groups and new places these days. I don't get out much.

titanic March 23rd, 2004
Apparently he was the only one who dared ask, and I'm not so sure everybody else believed the answer.

Considering who my friends are, it is sort of remarkable that I'm going to a nightclub in West Hollywood by myself every week.

c_eagle March 23rd, 2004
:D way cool story..!

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