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White Star Line


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No "farb" this time

I actually managed to get to the Argyle club last night despite all that's goign on in my house at the moment. If any of you have sen the movie "Dark City" and remember the nightclub scene from it, this pretty much looked about the same.

Much lighter attendance than 20's night, which was a standing room only crowd. Apparently the atendance varies quite a bit depending on the performer.

Unlike last time when I hid in a corner with my mismatched coat & pants (All I posessed at the time that I coud actually fit) I was able to wander around this time. Good because with the smaller crowd there was nowhere to really hide.

I could tell I looked a lot better when:

A. The people who ran the club said I looked better than they did.

B. I got invited to a couple of other Swing nightclubs, I suppose since I was providing the proper "ambiance" Unfortunately the 40's isn't really my decade.

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ruggels March 16th, 2004
Excellent! Pictures? Suit or Class "A"'s?


titanic March 16th, 2004
They only take pictures when it's crowded, I guess for publicity reasons. Otherwise I probably would have been in a few this go around.

Class A's are still buried in the garage. This was one of my "new" suits that's probably a decade older than I am.

ranshdow March 16th, 2004
yes! your loyal audience must have pictures! Make martes take one the next time you go out.

titanic March 20th, 2004
I may start doing that. This tiem it's supposed to be a 30's French club, and I haven't decided what to go with this time.

c_eagle March 16th, 2004
Next time you are dress to kill, as they say, maybe stop in one of those portrait centers before you get to the show, and commemorate the moment.

titanic March 20th, 2004
Never have time for that, I get home from work, change and go right back out.

archimedes29 March 17th, 2004
I got invited to a couple of other Swing nightclubs, I suppose since I was providing the proper "ambiance"<<<

Probably was that Dick Tracy granite jaw!!

titanic March 20th, 2004
I was SO tempted to tell tham that I was in a suit that I got on Ebay for $11. I'll let them keep thinking it wsa custom made!

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