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Relatives about to roll in

First off, the "super allergy medicine" I got put on finally worked and my nose unclogged. I got out of the cycle of decongestant rebounds by going on Steroids for 6 days. I was reading in todays paper about what the long term effects of this stuff is and I'm glad I only needed a 6 day dose. It runs out tomorrow and hopefully I will not need it again.

I'll have both my mohter in law an dby brother in law here for most of next week. It will be a bit crowded but everyone should fit.

Monday nights show at the Argyle will be something new. Might bring my mother in law to it, perhaps not. May not be something she would be interested in going to. It's interesting to note that her musicians cosist of bits of 6 other bands, including the leader of one. The clarinet player was actually there the other night I went, as part of a different band.. I guess if you are a professional musician you take whatever you can get.
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