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Used to be a fantastic radio station. Every change they make deteriorates it. Two of the shows I used to record have been completely dropped from the lineup and my favoritr, has been moved to midnight to 2AM on Wednesday.

It used to be on 3 to 5 PM on Sunday and I could listen to it on the commute home. Now since I have RYW devices and listen to the show recorded anyway the actual impact on me personally is negligable.

But Joe Monte, who does the show, was obviously dead tired and angry about the time slot change. Not once during the entire show did he say anything about this being his new time slot, so he may be trying to get it changed back.

What replaced him was some new native american show, which is interesting, but put THAT on at midnight and see if anyone asks for it to be moved to prime time.

And "Outer Limits" is just flat gone, with no explanation given.
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