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White Star Line


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Used to be a fantastic radio station. Every change they make deteriorates it. Two of the shows I used to record have been completely dropped from the lineup and my favoritr, has been moved to midnight to 2AM on Wednesday.

It used to be on 3 to 5 PM on Sunday and I could listen to it on the commute home. Now since I have RYW devices and listen to the show recorded anyway the actual impact on me personally is negligable.

But Joe Monte, who does the show, was obviously dead tired and angry about the time slot change. Not once during the entire show did he say anything about this being his new time slot, so he may be trying to get it changed back.

What replaced him was some new native american show, which is interesting, but put THAT on at midnight and see if anyone asks for it to be moved to prime time.

And "Outer Limits" is just flat gone, with no explanation given.

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Roots music

furtech March 10th, 2004
I'm still pissed off at them for dropping the "Roots Music" format years ago. They had a terrific lineup of folk music (American and others) that I listened to constantly. Then they decided that a "Classical format" would be more respectable for a university's radio station, so they canned their wonderful library (still in storage last I heard) and became a mediocre classical station during the day. I think the programming is influenced by university/bigwig politics more than they would like you to think.

The only other thing: did you ever pledge/donate during your favorite shows? I wouldn't be surprised if they're trying to catch a "richer" or more fanatic audience...at least that's the way programming decisions there seem to be made.

Re: Roots music

titanic March 10th, 2004
I've been agonizing over that. Unfortunately, during BOTH pledge drives, Joe Monte decided to play his British records. If you pledged, that's what you got, copies of the British jazz collection.

Unfortunately The British invasion came in the 60's, not the 20's, and prewar British jazz is utter crap. They were the worst shows he ever did.

And as it happens, this mornings show was the best he ever did. Why didn't he play THAT during pledge week?

Also, pledge week came right after the KA layoffs. Had it been a week earlier I may well have pledged a sizable amount. Maybe I would have tipped the balance, I'll never know.

As it happens "Roots Music" is back on the schedule, and would have followed my show had it remained where it was. It's on Sundays from 5 to 7 PM. I can set up my stuff to make MP3's of that too if it's a show you liked that much.

Word jazz and Outer Limits got replaced by a 3 hour block of Latino stuff. No explanation given in either case. In fact, this whole shuffle of the schedule had no prior warning, it just happened.

Re: Roots music

furtech March 11th, 2004
A huge donation isn't as important as -any- donation: the number of donars is another gauge (besides $$$ raised) to determine the popularity of a show. Even a student donation/minimal amount helps. And you can always not take the premium (or sometimes they'll offer a t-shirt, which can also be useful).

The roots music was their whole format, all day long (at night it switched to the eclectic batch of shows we love). And I'll talk to you about that: I think the idea of recording shows is neat...but there are a few I'd like to get and I need some way to return the favor.

A site you might want to check out:
(unofficial Ken Nordine site)

(public radio station/show finder)

Here's a list of the stations still playing Word Jazz:

The show I want to record is on from 9-11 Thursdays on KCSN (2 On The Dial).

Re: Roots music

titanic March 11th, 2004
It took me all of about 30 seconds to set up for recording that. Glad I caught this comment today as this show is on in about 5 hours.


archimedes29 March 10th, 2004
Doesn't that suck? I used to enjoy the downhome show, but they keep shuffling it around. I don't know if it's even onair anymore. The station is a little difficult to get where I am.


titanic March 10th, 2004
7 to 9 PM on Wednesday. It streams over the internet as well. If you really miss it I can record it andm make MP3's of it for you.


archimedes29 March 10th, 2004
oh! The show is streaming now! Last time I checked Chuck Taggart was working on it!Thanks for the info!

Outer Limits

(Anonymous) December 12th, 2004
So THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED to the Outer Limits Show!!!! i've been trying to find that show for a while now!! Too Too Bad- That was the ONLY good radio show left on ANY station as far as I'm concerned!! Just another brick in the wall (of the L.A. "free"ways) UGH!

Re: Outer Limits

ex_space_wo December 13th, 2004
I have 11 of the shows from about 9 months ago encoded as MP3's, but at present I don't have anywhere on line to put them, Incidentally, I have set up kcsn for future comments about the station if you are interested.

Joe Monte Hot Aire

(Anonymous) April 20th, 2005
Can anyone tell me what happened to Joe Monte's Tuesday night Hot Aire program. I enjoyed listening to it via the Internet here in Honolulu. Then, suddenly, no more Hot Aire, no more website, no mo' nottin'. (I wonder what's become of Joe, I'd give all the world to know . .)

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