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Better day than yesterday

By my own self appointed schedule, today was my day off, the only one of the week.

To refresh your memory, I found that if I take Tuesdays off and work an 8 hour day on Thursday and Friday, I work less than 6 hours more each week than I normally would, and gross $581.63 more on every paycheck. I'm effectively selling my vacation time back to DHS.

Yesterday I was pretty miserable, both from being outright sick and having to miss the Monday night show. Today went a lot better.

First I went to my allergy doctor and told him I needed something really powerful to keep my nose clear while the "rebound effect" from using Dristan wore off. No wait, got right in.

Then I went to my Dentist, since there was a sharp edge on my temporary crown that was annoying. Again, no wait, and they buffed the edge down. Now it's just fine.

Went to the drug store and dropped off the prescriptions, then to Wal-Mart to get a pair of shoes to wear on Monday. All I have at the moment are my patent-leather (plastic) army shoes, ok if I'm wearing a full tuxedo outfit but they look odd with a suit. What I got looks better with both. I also got a new pair of regular athletic type shoes as what I am wearing is just about totally shot.

Got home and then discovered that unlike the previous allergy medicine that kept me awake, this stuff knocks you right out. So I turned on my internet radio and listened to ambient music for a bit. Since my wireless pocket PC functions as a remote control for the Audiotron, I was able to change settings and channels from the bedroom, even though the Audiotron was not located in the same room. For some reason, though, it froze up twice. I think there is a new firmware download for it, I'll probably patch it on one of the days I get home at a reasonable hour (Thursday or Friday)

Maxwell's has the schedule for April and May up, and by golly, they took notice of the sellout crowd on 20's night. Last Monday in May the end of the current schedule, will be another one. So that is definitely good news. The band I missed last night is playing again two more times before the new revised "date of doom".

Hopefully the new owners ahve taken notice of the fact this place sells out every night and may actually leave it alone or better yet, fix it up without changing the look.
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