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White Star Line


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I must be cursed

KCSN just moved Hot Aire to midnight on Wednesday morning. WTF?

It used to be on 1-3 PM on Sunday. I was so happy when they moved it to 3-5 PM as I could listen to it on my commute home. Now I'll never hear it live again. Since I have the RYW to record it I can still listen to it later, but never live.

They dropped "Word jazz" off the schedule a few months ago, and in the same move that bumped Hot Aire to a crummy time slot, they droped Neil norman's "Outer Limits" off the schedule entirely as well.

The new programs they added are quite frankly crap. This was the most incredible station around - and while still good, it's going downhill fast.

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archimedes29 March 5th, 2004
No more Ken Nordine? I enjoyed listening to him.

titanic March 5th, 2004
He's been gone for months, but I did manage to record about a dozen of his shows before he got dropped.

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