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Looks like two more nights and that's it

A little over a week ago I discovered that pretty much nothing even semiformal I had to wear anymore fit me. All that survived was 2/3 of one suit and one sport coat. The rest went to Goodwill.

But all was not lost. I have since discovered that Ebay has really refined how clothing is handled, and I got a number of suits much better than what I previously had, all of which fit. For prices ranging from $8 to $12 yet. I have to have minor alterations done on most of them which will probably cost more than what I paid for the clothing, but I really didn't pay all that much. And this stuff should last. I'll probably be dressed like ruggels at any convention I go to from now on.

I don't know where in the garage my WW2 Class A uniform is, which is too bad as it would have been perfect for next week. But it isn't worth trying to find it and then to go get the right shoes for it for just one use. And for all I know that won't fit me now either.

Looks like a week from now I'll go see The Johnathan Stout Orchestra and then on the 29th the closing night, which will be Mora's Modern Rythmists again (it says the 22nd but it's really the 29th). Robert Picardo (The holographic Star Trek doctor) is a 20's music fan and will be their that night. He's been to this club before on several occasions.

I can actually do this because the DHS finally got me in the right leave category. I have to work my days off to gt the overtime, but I can take Tuesdays off as vacation days so I don't burn out (I gotta sleep in at least one day a week).

Not sure what I'm doing after March, as there doesn't seem to be any other place I have found like this anywhere. Couple of places that do 40's Swing, but this was the only 20's club.
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