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Maxwells at the Argyle, February 16th.

Well, I actually DID make it, and at least a little before the band started.

The restaurant/club was TINY. The Upper floor of Shawn Keller's house is larger. Before the show I wandered around Art Deco land a bit. Turns out this place used to be the Sunset Towers, and was an apartment house for awhile after it was the initial hotel. One of the last six regular residents was Werner Klemperer, Colonel Klink himself.

I went in about 20 minutes before things got going. The MC was also the door greeter, since the club is so small. I was really hoping that would not be the case as my appearance was utter crap, but there was no way to avoid it.

I was quickly outclassed though. Shortly after I arrived a couple came in who would not have fitted in ANYWHERE. She looked like somethig out of "Pete's Dragon" and he looked like he crawled out of a cardboard box on the street. At least now someone else was clearly the eyesore and not me.

About a third of the way through the evening, a couple of of people wandered in who looked liek they came out of the movie "Zoot Suit" came in thinking it was 40's night. Perfect Zoots though.

And later on we got three more out of "Underworld" Unlike the aforementioned people, these actually got out on the floor and danced, which they could, but they were something of a distraction.

It was abotu the same mix as I see at any other historical reenactment Iv'e been to. About 20% were authentics down to the stitch. Most were reasonably close, and then there were the few who flat out didnt fit. I was on the low end of the scale but being aware of that I stayed off in a corner and what you could see of me wasn't too bad.

Mora's Modern Rythmists" was good. Very good. And at this particular club there was about 80% participation when it come to dancing to the numbers, though maybe about a dozen of them actually knew how (I can't dance, but I do know what it is supposed to look like). Predictably, this was also the group that looked right.

They only have one more 20's night before they remodel the hotel in March, and all this won't be there anymore. I'll try and make the last night and perhaps one of the other ones just to see what the 40' show is like. Then it's all gone.
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