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Livejournal IS for bitching, right?

So much for my well planned day.

First off, the manager thought TODAY was the 17th, so my leave slip was still on her desk a half hour before the end of the day unapproved, with a post it not on it saying I needed to take sick leave instead. I got that fixed literally at the last minute.

Then the 70 minute commute home was two hours instead. So much for holiday traffic being lighter.

Then the barber shop had a one hour wait, so I don't have time to go. I'll show up looking like Schirm.

Then came the good part. I had 3 suites and 5 sport coats.


I tried putting my 3 piece wool pinstripe suit on and I looked like that preview clip from "The Incredibles". I now have a box stuffed full of clothes that will be going to Goodwill tomorrow. I am left with two coats and one vest I can salvage, and even that doesn't fit correctly anymore.

But dammit, I'm still going. I'll do the best I can, and just show up after the band has already started so I can go hide in a shadow in a corner and just listen, as I am going to look like the King of the Farbs.

I mean, all that stuff fit the last time I wore it, in, um, 1978.
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