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White Star Line


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Allergies and rebates

I find both really annoying.

I have determined that my current severe allergy attack is due to the fact we canceled the professional house cleaners when martes lost her job. Well, the cat dander has been building up for two months and it resulted in my not being able to breathe. The house looks moderately dirty, but what's causing the problem would not be visible in a completely clean looking house.

So, I'm getting a new cleaning service to come in on a one time basis to completely clean everything. In addition, I'm going to a whole new allergy doctor and will probably have to go through a series of desensitization shots again. Giving up the cat is not an option, indeed, the homeowners association allows 3 pets, so we will be getting TWO additional cats as soon as I can get the drywall repaired. It still has holes from the repipe, and the prospect of having a kitten get lost inside the walls of the house is not something I want to think about.


Now I know why they do them.

1. The customer thinks they are getting a better deal.
2. The government makes out as taxes are paid on the pre-rebate price.
3. Businesses like them as they write off the purchase price and don't declare the rebate, which is then free money.
4. The manufacturer really likes them as about half are never sent in, many are refused as being too late or incomplete, or are just never sent until the customer complains,and they take so long most people just forget about them.

I now have over $200 floating out there in the form of 4 different rebates I have to track and folow up on when they don't show up. One is overdue already. More irritation for me.

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mortonfox February 13th, 2004
There's another advantage to the manufacturer. The income shows up on their income statement in this quarter while the rebate shows up as an expense in the next quarter. The higher earnings will boost the stock price. Of course, there's the rebate expense to deal with in the next quarter but they can always hold another rebate promo. That may be why I have seen rebates on the same items many times over at CompUSA.

And of course, that many customers forget to send in the rebate, as you mentioned, is another bonus to the manufacturer.

loiosh_de_talto February 13th, 2004
According to CompUSA 80% of mail-in rebates are never returned. The same number applies to the percentage of extended warrenty that is raw profit for the company.

And as Barry says: "Did you know 70% of all statistics are made up?"


Makes sense

titanic February 13th, 2004
I let several expire sitting in my usual pile of desk paperwork. In other cases I discarded the box or other documentation required for the rebate before I could send it in. I have since gotten my act together. Unfortunately I can't buy much anymore since martes is out of work, but that makes keeping track is more important than ever as well.

more made-up statistics

ranshdow February 13th, 2004
I'm about one-in-five on getting rebates back, personally. But I keep sending them in.

Re: more made-up statistics

titanic February 13th, 2004
I used to be batting 0 on rebates, to the point of where if I didn't want it for the pre-rebate price I wouldn't buy it.

Now I keep copies, I keep track of when they were sent, and I've even sent formal followup letters when the rebate checks don't show up on time. All I've lost since then was a single rebate for $10 they said I didn't mail in on time, and I actually hadn't, so I dropped it.

I mean, the rebate on my LCD monitor was $100, did they think I'd just let THAT one go?

Re: more made-up statistics

ranshdow February 14th, 2004
believe you me, I watched the mail for my $99.00 DSL modem rebate like a hawk..

Blecch to rebates and allergies

c_eagle February 14th, 2004
I have at least $60 in rebates I'm still waiting to receive too, at least.

Thus far, my most noteworthy allergy is to Spring pollen. I hope your new desensitization goes well.

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