Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Geocaching to the top of a mountain

Completely on impulse, I decided to go looking for a geocache site about noon today. No point in waiting for the weekend, this one was a thousand feet up the side of a mountain and I can only think of a couple friends who could follow me up there. I was able to park less than a mile away from it. A good part of that mile was up, however.

Parking lot showed an altitude of 1,400 Ft. above sea level. I was above 2,400 Ft when the batteries quit in the GPS, and I was still going up. I was within 150 Ft of the actual location when that happened, and I was pretty sure I could tell where that was, and I sure as hell was not going to give up at that point. Top of the mountain was flat and pretty much clear of brush, and breezy, which I really appreciated at that point. I walked around till I found it and left this log entry:

Found the cache against the tree where the previous person left it. Good thing it was in a well defined location as my GPS batteries quit 0.3 miles away. On a bone dry, dusty mountaintop, the contents were all wet and mildewed. Go figure.

Previous log entry said the mindy travel bug was here, though geocaching.com shows it as being somewhere else. I hope it is in that somewhere else location as it isn't here.

There are two logbooks here, both so mildewed and deteriorated they are difficult to use. I wound up with black gritty residue all over me from going through the contents of this container - looking back on it, I should have taken a rest and spread out the contents to dry.

Next person up should bring a new logbook and a new "stash note" as all of the paper goods in this cache are pretty much shot. There are plenty of plastic & metal things in there that held up to the moisture fairly well though.

Took a really mildewed dollar bill thinking it was a where's george dollar. It isn't, and it's ready to go back to the trasury for destruction at this point, so just as well. Left a U.S. Army mess hall butterknife (no sharp edge) and a tin of C ration cheese.

I actually have 11 more of the little C ration tins and a bunch of the butterknives too- so that may be my signature thing to leave for awhile.
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