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I found out only recently about a show that's been a ongoing thing at a (reasonably) local hotel. Maxwell's at the Argyle has been an ongoing thing for about two years, but - only recently found out about it through listrning to "Hot Aire" on KCSN. It sounded like a lot of fun and not even that expensive if you don't actually have dinner in the hotel. I'm planning to go this Monday. It would be my first time there and as it now happens probably my last as well.

The Argyle hotel just got sold, and the whole place is going to be remodeled. The 1930 decor will probably all be gone. At this point nobody knows what the new owners intent is as the news just came out yesterday.

For months my days off were Tuesday - Wednesday and this would have been a perfect way to end the work week, but - didn't know it was there.

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