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White Star Line


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200 GB

I'm currently working on T1's computer, and the hard drive in it was in the process of failing. It was a 3.1 gig drive dating from 1997 so that was probably to be expected. It got a lot of hard use.

I gave her the 20 out of mine to replace it with and got me a 160 at Fry's. My main system now has 200GB total.

When I reloaded windows I had to go to a "vintage driver archive" page to set it back up, so obviously some other parts could probably stand to be replaced as well.

It's a 1200 Duron. I could probably overclock it to 2 GHz but it might start talking to me or something......

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unciaa February 2nd, 2004
Talking is fine, it's the insults I'm not so happy with... ¬¬


ex_c_p February 2nd, 2004


titanic February 2nd, 2004
ruggels bought a computer from some fly-by-night company that turned out to be a slower machine that had been overclocked. When it failed it told him in a machine voice that it had failed and why.

I think the post is restricted though.


ruggels February 2nd, 2004
ASUS Motherboards are Fly By Night? news to me. The machine is probably under warranty, but there is some supposition that the CPU fried. May still be under warranty.


titanic February 2nd, 2004
The motherboard is not what is in question here. The "fly by night" element is the PC technician.

Your CPU is probably rated for about half to 2/3 what they told you it was, and they overclocked it to make up the difference.

Now I have never seen any of the equipemnt you have, and I know nothing at all about who built it for you - but just based on what you have related so far - that is my hypothesis.

I bet you an Outback Melbourne, all 20 Oz of it.


ruggels February 2nd, 2004
Well he was the one that built Will's newer machines, and they are still fine. I know the guy, and I generally don't bet, because I cann[t calculate odds. bad at math. I'll know tomorrow.


(Deleted comment)
titanic February 2nd, 2004

Re: kimble

c_eagle February 2nd, 2004
hehheh.. if that were the only theme to ever get stuck, that'd be cool...
I could listen to that for hours :>

c_eagle February 2nd, 2004
How much are those 160s going for these days..?
I might upgrade my 10 if I can afford it...


titanic February 2nd, 2004
This 160 was $130 after rebate. Currently they have a 120 for $85 after rebate - and you don't have to deal with that 137 GB barrier like I did.

Re: GB

c_eagle February 2nd, 2004
Cool... thanks for the tip :>
Last HD I bought was an external 40G for $90 a few years ago... this sounds like a good new option, especially since my main system drive is down to 1G leftover.

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