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White Star Line


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Price of Success

I use Mailblocks for my email service. They are 99.99% effective in stopping all inbound spam.

In fact, they are so effective, spammers are now trying to discredit them. They have been faking mailblocks as a source when they send out spam in an effort to get ISP's to block them as being a spammer themselves, and in some cases this is actually happening.

When we are home we can use comcast (our ISP) to send mail out, interesting as comcast is a much more likely actual source of spam.

In any event, I am not giving up on mailblocks. This more than anything else is a testament to how effective they are.

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furtech January 22nd, 2004
Tori's theory is also intriguing: if they are Evil, then using their service is great for their customers...but could be an insidious way to harvest legitimate emails (all your friends). I dunno...trust no one.

"That clause is to protect *you*, Winslow!"


(Anonymous) January 26th, 2004
Great "Phantom" reference! :D

I hope you all are having a great convention!


c_eagle January 26th, 2004
jes' me :>

mortonfox January 22nd, 2004
Spamcop was under attack from spammers too. But based on the same logic, I'll keep using the service. :)

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