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White Star Line


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Anybody seen this game anywhere?

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gen January 13th, 2004
It looks suspiciously like a 3D rendering of some sort.

ex_space_wo January 13th, 2004
It does indeed - and that's what I thought it was, but the URL to the picture makes it look like it's involved in an auction somewhere.

Since it's been 6 years since the movie, I'm guessing this picture, be it real or fake (it really does look fake) is not anything recent either.

ruggels January 13th, 2004
It's fake. Note that the ships wheel is "flat" then skewed. Also note that it has no shadow, you'd think that something that big, even under flourescents would have shadows. it's a cute picture, but utterly fake.


titanic January 13th, 2004
I didn't think a game control like that big wheel would hold up in an arcade anyway..

ben_raccoon January 14th, 2004

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