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Coast to Coast

Awhile back I bought a device for recording radio shows off the air, mainly because my favorite radio station plays shows that are on while I am at work. I record them, burn them onto a cd as MP3 files and listen during my commute.

There exists a mailing list for the people who have these things, and from that I have found most of them were bought to record a show called "Coast to Coast" that's on from 10PM to 5AM. Really bizarre talk show wierdness. Alien abduction, conspiracy theories and such. I hear the shuttle bus driver playing this on the ride in but I never knew what it was.

Seven hour show on every night? Where do they get the material to fill that?

I won't record it, but now that I know what it is I may listen to it on the ride in for awhile, as opposed to BBC World Service, which I can't tune in once I get halfway to work anyway. KFI can probably be received with a crystal radio set on the moon though, so I can listen to that anywhere.
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