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White Star Line


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Coast to Coast

Awhile back I bought a device for recording radio shows off the air, mainly because my favorite radio station plays shows that are on while I am at work. I record them, burn them onto a cd as MP3 files and listen during my commute.

There exists a mailing list for the people who have these things, and from that I have found most of them were bought to record a show called "Coast to Coast" that's on from 10PM to 5AM. Really bizarre talk show wierdness. Alien abduction, conspiracy theories and such. I hear the shuttle bus driver playing this on the ride in but I never knew what it was.

Seven hour show on every night? Where do they get the material to fill that?

I won't record it, but now that I know what it is I may listen to it on the ride in for awhile, as opposed to BBC World Service, which I can't tune in once I get halfway to work anyway. KFI can probably be received with a crystal radio set on the moon though, so I can listen to that anywhere.

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unciaa January 10th, 2004
Heh, sounds like GTA3 / Vice City radio stations. There are always enough loonies for those kinds of shows. :>

ranshdow January 10th, 2004
Isn't that Art Bell or is he someone different?

Up in northern california in the late 80's/early 90's there was a dude who they'd play on late-night NPR named Dave Emery. His conspiracy theories were so out there they'd give me the willies. It didn't help that the recordings had a lot of tape-stretch distortion to them, making you think they were being jammed during transmission. Ah, to be an impressionable teenager again...

ruggels January 10th, 2004
Ah Yes, Dave Emory and Nip Tuck, stalwart defenders of the truth on the airwaves, The thing is, is that Dave Emory was so over researched you couldn't help but think the theories werer true, But for all of the harping on former S.S. Officer Otto Skorzeny, the truth was, Skorzeny though clever, and intelligent, died poor, at the hands of his French Naighbors in 1970 after his hunting rifle ran out of ammo, and the neighbors burned his house. Dave searched for all sorts of info, and often what he had was the truth, but he would put the most conspiratorial spin on it he could.

Sunday Nights on KFJC were... intyeresting to say the least.



titanic January 11th, 2004
It was indeed Art Bell. I think I may make this my normal morning fare from now on. Interesting, if nothing else.

ruggels January 10th, 2004
Art Bells "Coast to Coast" was the first time I had heard of the "Roswell Rods", even before martes briught them up. I still think they are fast flying insects caught on the Videotape's CCD, and afterimaging them The Diagrams of Roswell Rods, to me look like someone trying to make a diagram of motion blur.


martes January 10th, 2004
I dunno... I've seen the footage on the rods website, and if they are insects, they're moving like no insect I've ever seen. I would like to get some high speed, high resolution film of them to end the debate.

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