Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Next Thursday is Anthrocon. Last year it had over 1,400 people in attendance and due to 911, remains the largest convention ever. Time was I would look forward to such an event with a great deal of anticipation. I suppose I should this year too, as it certainly makes a significant break from sitting at home going through job listings. Especially considering there are virtually no listings for the type of job I just trained myself to get. When I get back from the convention I will start applying for anything I'm qualified for, even if it doesn't pay well or is something dull & boring and not related to computers at all.

At least I won't be bored. I am located right next to Jim Groat. According to the anthrocon floor chart, there is a table inbetween us and him, however there is nobody assigned to that table, so I figure he must have two. Naturally, he will have sub-let about 4 other people space on his table, and no doubt all weekend long I'll have to keep pushing the people, baggage and wares back into his area.

On the other hand, I just may let it slide. A lot of his friends are my friends, I probably will have a lot of extra space as I can only carry so much to this convention due to the fact we have to fly to it. And presently we are not even planning to be at the convention at all on Sunday, so he can have the entire table to expand on to.

Not like he really needs it. He's put out a grand total of one new comic book in the past half decade. He's surviving on Charisma.
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