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OK Livejournal, this is irritating....

There is a new friends view style called "Digital Multiplex" that is only available in the new style system. It's actually really nice, but you can't have your "recent events" in style 1 and your friends view in style 2. One or the other.

I also read friends entries both on a mobile device and on a regular nice big computer screen with a fast connection. Styles that look good on the big screen can't be read on a Windows Mobile Smartphone. Styles that read OK on the phone look really boring on a big screen. Yet, you can only have one friends view.

Pocket LJ cannot post to filtered friends lists. I thought perhaps the smartphone or the Tmobile Sidekick (I use both) could do it. Wrong again, the filtered friends list feature requires javascript and mobile devices cannot handle that as of yet.

Hopefully that explains to you why I post in 3 different journals. It's not vanity, I have no choice. Even until mobile devices improve it will remain as 3 journals as there is no way to merge the things and I can't really hand copy 1000 entries.
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