Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Brick O' Meat

I went to dinner night before last with 5 other people, and allof us have livejournals. But nobody chose to write up the experience.

Essentially they lost the order and didn't inform us of this until 15 minutes before the time I have to be in bed to get the 6 hours of sleep I have to get before going to work at 3:05 the next day. Due to impressive negotiating skills on the part of furtech we didn't have to pay for food that arrived well over an hour late, but I still didn't get to eat it, I had to not only leave immediately as soon as the food finally did arrive, but took furtech with me as the remaining 4 people would only fit in the other car, and after allthat he wouldup essentially eating expensive take out alone at my house. I was in bed and long gone before the other car finally came back.

Usually I come back from Outback with leftover food I can eat the next day. This time the whole meal was leftover. So I stillhave half of a"Melbourne" waiting for me when I get home from work today.
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