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White Star Line


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Another indication the .com world is gone

martes took a lot of my computer books from my failed career change over to the used bookstore, but it seems they didn't want them. last time I took such books down there they paid good money for them, but in those days everybody was trying to learn computer stuff. Now there are just a lot of used leftover books to go with all the used leftover people who used to have jobs.

martes will probably take them to goodwill tomorrow for whatever tax writeoff they will bring as a donation.

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ranshdow January 3rd, 2004
you might try half.com, they're (now) a division of ebay. I had this digital video textbook laying around from years ago that I had paid bank for, that was selling for ~$20 on half.com and it sold within a week of listing. Unfortunately, if what you're trying to sell is more in the line of manuals for old versions of software, those books will be selling for pocket change, if at all. you compete with commercial outfits on half.com, but you can sell things there. they have plans to roll half into ebay eventually too, but in the meantime.

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