Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Anthrocon 2002

There are 29 terminals in the Internet room sharing a 33,600 baud connection. Howver it is now 7AM on Sunday, so there isn't a lot of competition for the bandwidth, or the 4 terminals that can actually do graphics - to a very limited degree.

Sure enough, one of the elevators was out for the entire convention (not yet over, though Elevator 1 won't be inspected until Monday, so it will not be back in use).

The flight out here was actually fairly smooth - no security problems at the airport, tailwind that got us here about 20 minutes early. Then we got to take "Lady Liberty" shuttle to the hotel, which took us on a scenic tour through the Philadelphia slum section dropping off three other passengers before it took it's main load to the hotel.

No tip.

Supposedly there are 1800+ people here - regardless I think there is a now record set for furry convention attendance. They didn't bring a lot of moneyt though - art show is not doing well for most people and sales at the table are down from last year, though we did make enough to cover the hotel bill at least. I'll be closing the table up at noon to go to the Mutter Museum - the other freak show.

I did my usual evening activity of escourting a fursuit around after the dealers room closed, finishing up at about 1AM when another interesting sideshow began. On my way back up the elevator someone ran past me shouting on a cell phone how he was going to "shut the hotel down". he was followed by a couple of convention security people. Didn't think anything about it until I got back to my floor (the elevators were useless through most of the convention) and noticed the blinky lights out my hotel window.

2 police cars from different departments, fire truck, ambulance, and an actual "Paddy Wagon"! I'd not actually seen one before this. At that point I noticed the elevator alarm was on.

One of the reasons I'd been avoiding the elevators is that they were airless, smelly cramped cells filled with Things Undescribed, that stopped on every floot, except for Elevator #2 that had been known to bypass every floor on it's way up to floor 23 1/2 where it would stick. Perhaps that happened again, I don't know yet. I could hear radios going out in the hallway, perhaps maintenance personnel, or maybe that's what the fire department was for. They did leave right after the alarm stopped.

Don't yet know who it was they hauled away or what happened, but I will probably find out later today. We aren't headed back to California until tomorrow.
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