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Before martes got up, I took her car over to Saturn of Santa Clarita to get the windshield replaced. They called out three different people to try and convince me that the crack was the result of a 1/2 MM chip near the window frame. I managed to convince them it was truly a stress crack, but they had to order the windshield to be put in tomorrow. That was OK, actually, as I have tomorrow off too, and Roz went to work at 9 AM as usual. I was home to do this since today was a Thursday, I had the day off. It was the start of my weekend!

First off, I went to Sears, to price out a new TV set, ours being 10 years old and starting to die at this point. I Iocked the keys in the car. I also locked the cell phone in the car, so I could not call AAA. I started walking home. Got about a third of the way there and found I actually did have the phone in my pocket. So I went back, called AAA and got the keys out. OK, not too bad so far.

On my way back home, I got a call from furtech, reminding me I had to give him a ride. So I just kept going and went to his house. I spent about 30 minutes trying to remember hot to get there. Finally I found it and got him over to the car dealership to get his van.

Went to frys. That worked out ok.

Went back to Sears to get TV set, this time driving the Van as the set would not fit in the car. On the way home, I ran out of gas just as I turned off of McBean. I'm in a red zone so I called AAA again. This time speed is critical due to where I am stopped, but I got an AAA guy who could not figure out where I was , despite the fact I was at an intersection of the major street in a city of a quarter of a million people. He also informed me that I needed cash to buy the gasoline from whoever he was going to send. I had $3.

I spelled street names over and over again. He could not find Granary Square mall. He could not find the City of Santa Clarita. When he started asking what county I was in and I started yelling at him, so he hung up. Now equipped with superhuman strength fueled by pure adrenalin and anger, I started pushing the 8,111 Lb van to a place where I could just park it and walk home to get gas. As I am approaching the entrance to the parking lot, a man in an SUV decided I was not moving fast enough, so he decided to go around. He pulled out in front of me and stopped. He could not proceed as there was traffic. He could not back up as some pulled in behind him. I am pushing 4+ tons of steel from 1988 van at this car, and I'm about to bulldoze his Mitsubishi into the gutter. I had to jump in and stop the van and then get it rolling again. Now even more supercharged from even more anger, I managed to do it.

Walked home, on the way passing two guys in the shadows doing "whatever" off in the bush. They ran away from me as I was acting like Agent Smith after he absorbed the Oracle and I was obviously insane and dangerous. Reaching home, I got in the car. It was also on E.

I went to the gas station. My ATM card that I just used to buy the TV set no longer works. My Capitol One card doesn't work about 50% of the time as their authentication system sucks. Both do not go through. I spent only $3 for gas, and drove back to the van. I drove the van home and unloaded the 200Lb TV set. I got TV set into house, and the video cable to the floor, the only one I cannot replace, stripped off.

O drove van back to car as it only had � gallon of gas in it, and went to radio shack. Neither credit card also would work. I have no money, no tools, and no gas. I went to gas station, could not buy gas for car, which has been on E the whole time. I have no credit and no money, and the money that is usually in the ash tray had been moved to Roz' car. I can buy nothing.

I then went to bank, where I was told "your card cannot be used" I had used it twice earlier in the day, but now it does not work. I can get no cash from the bank. I then went home to get another credit card (I have 3 others that I do not use, I keep them at home in a lock box)I go online to see whats going on with my bank account.

My bank account is gone.

Not frozen, Not suspended for suspected fraud.

My bank account is gone.</a>

I grabbed a handful of dollar coins and set back out for Radio Shack. At this point I have also lost my cell phone. It was now time for Roz to get home. She would find no vehicles, no me, house in disarray. I could not be called as I don't have the phone. What would she think happened?

I finally got fuel. got the tools, and went home. I then went to set up TV. I have bought the wrong connectors. Cable over 20 years old used a different kind. I managed to get it at least working before Roz got home.

Turned on Survivor. Nice clear picture. Rupert got voted off. Great way to break in the new TV set.

furtech gave me a ride back to the van.

I was supposed to take the car in at 7AM, but after all that went on yesterday, I forgot.

Just got back from B of A. Apparently buying the TV set with my ATM card triggered some fraud protection thing.

I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. My days off really suck.
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